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Minimize hassle with exceptional five-star experiences

Accelerate check-in processes and enhance guest experience by treating every individual as a VIP. Faceplugin stands out as the premier one-stop solution for hospitality identity verification

  • Industry specific customization
  • Fast, accurate, and convenient
  • Privacy-centric, guest focused
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Ensure a red-carpet experience at every stage of the guest journey, from check-in to check-out, with personalized service, top-tier privacy, and world-class care


Whether by land, sea or air, our seamless identity verification solution is built with speed and security to elevate the guest experience

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Ensure safety of conference, sporting, and concert attendees by only admitting ticketed customers and actively check against customers’ blacklists behind the scenes

Around-the-clock service and increased conversion rates:

Delivering unique and personalized service by tailoring options including user payment, seating, and dietary preference
Streamline access to guest services and simplifying pay-with-face options
Earn customer trust with supporting your fraud prevention programs
Accept document types from over 200 countries giving you access to a global customer base
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