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Identity Verification and Biometric Authentication Solutions

FacePlugin is an ID verification and Biometric Authentication solution provider using advanced face recognition, face liveness detection(face anti-spoofing), and ID document recognition technologies.

ID Verification & eKYC

ID Document Recognition, Face Liveness Detection and Face matching

Biometric Identification

Face Recognition, Face Liveness Detection, Age/Gener recognition, Palm Recognition

AI Vision Solutions

Fence Segmentation, Table Detection, Real-time Hair Segmentation

About Us

We Offer Solutions for your eKYC & ID Verification needs using Face Recognition, Liveness Detection and ID Document Recognition

We offer perpetual licenses for our solutions.

SDKs Provided
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Explore a realm of innovative technologies designed to secure and streamline the authentication process.

Instant Face Recognition

Faceplugin provides instant and unbiased face recognition SDK which works well even in challenging conditions.

Enhanced Face Anti-Spoofing Technology

Faceplugin provides 3D passive face liveness detection SDK which can detect printed photos, video replay, 3D masks, and deepfake attempts

Robust Identity Document Verification

Faceplugin provides SDKs for Comprehensive ID Recognition: Identifying Cards, Licenses, and Passports with Ease

Why choose faceplugin for ID verification

Why Choose Us

Proprietary Solutions Developed In-House, Extensive Customization Assistance

Try Our SDKs for free for Seamless Integration into Your Server or Application

At Faceplugin, we recognize the importance of allowing our clients to assess the effectiveness of our cutting-edge software solutions before committing to full-scale integration. For this reason, we provide a trial period, along with comprehensive support for proof of concepts (PoCs) and seamless integration services, all at no expense to our clients. Our goal is to guarantee that our clients are not only pleased with the performance of our solutions but also have the confidence to proceed with their adoption


How To Work With Us

Requirement Analysis

Get in touch with us to discuss your case and schedule meetings or chat to address your requirements.

Trial & PoC Offer

We offer a prompt demo project with SDK and assistance for integrating it into your server or application.

Support In Production

We will work closely with your team to provide fixes and upgrades for the production system.


Create Your Own ID Verification & eKYC Pipeline
With our SDKs, you can craft a personalized KYC solution that precisely matches your business needs. Maintain full control over your data as it is processed on-premises, ensuring it is never shared with any external parties.

Serves as a one-stop shop

Get a complete toolkit to design an identity verification process

Access premium support 24/7

We are always available to assist you with SDK integration and address any product-related concerns you may have.

Fully compliant

Deployed on-premises, ensuring that your data is neither collected, stored, nor transferred to third parties.

Pioneers in the Industry

With in-house research and development, coupled with sought-after experts, we guarantee the quickest innovation time to market.

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